Sunday, February 25, 2007


Damned snow. If it weren't for you, I would be campaigning right now. Oh how I loathe thee, snow...

However, if by chance there is a snow day tomorrow (and the roads aren't as bad as they are today), I think we should try to meet up. Otherwise I guess it will be Friday (Or is that Saturday? I think Andy was going to be busy Friday.)

Also, I wouldn't be opposed to a marathon session at some point. Marathon sessions are fun. It's up to Oddysey though (since she's the DM). With my last group, marathon sessions always turned into 'spend eight hours messing around and occasionally saying "We should play." followed by like four hours of on-and-off playing follwed by sleeping.' anyway, so I'd be interested in trying a marathon where we actually play a majority of the time. Worth a try, I think... let me know what you think.


Oddysey said...

If we do get off tomorrow (today, rather) I'd like to play, yeah. But from where I am right now, it looks like we probably won't get off.

On the other hand -- that does mean I'll have two weeks to prep, technically. So we could maybe think about doing a marathon, next week, Saturday. (Because Andy is busy on Friday, if memory serves. Something about talent show, although that may have been moved.)

Sort of as a way of making up. Because we do have a limited amount of time here, and that's been weighing on my mind.

Rae said...

I might have family obligations on Saturday, actually. My mom was talking to my sister today and she might be coming up from North Carolina to see me. If she does, I really can't hang out. I'll let you know within a day or two.

Rae said...

24 hours until roleplaying... w00t

43 hours until I have a summary paper due that I haven't started... not so w00t