Sunday, February 4, 2007

Why This Blog Exits, and Other Questions You Don't Need Answered

I started this blog because I wanted to keep a record of this campaign. I don't have very good notes from my other two campaigns, for various lousy reasons, and I wanted to see if I could do something different for this one. Making it a blog makes it easier for the players to see it, and will (hopefully) make me more likely to update it.

It's also intended as a general place to put things related to the campaign. Depending on how interested people are in visiting here, this function may get more or less use. But if people have character journals, or pictures, or character histories, then they can go here. (Character summaries will also be coming soon. Probably. It'd be useful to have stats somewhere, in case a character sheet gets lost.) If I can I get my act together, there may even be campaign info here--rumors, happenings, NPCs highlights, obscure customs, and other items of varying uselessness.

One last note, on the links list. The things under "Roleplaying Resources" are intended to actually be useful. Roleplaying Tips, particularly, is worth a visit. It's where I learned half of what I know about GMing. (The other half was learned through painful, painful mistakes.) Though it is mostly a GM resource, there are some good player tips, too. (At the risk of being obvious . . .)

The stuff in the "Random Links" section mostly falls under the category of "because I can." The song amuses me, and the blogs are listed because I figure that someone might occasional wander through here.

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