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From page 322 of Arcana Evolved:
The year lasts 364 days. There are 13 months of 28 days each. Most often, the months are simply called "Firstmonth," "Secondmonth," and so on, all the way to "Lastmonth." The giants have their own names for the months, however, as do the faen and others. The giant month names are "official," and many people adopt the evocative, flavorful names the faen use.

Months of the Year

Common Giant Faen Litorian* Dragon
Firstmonth Iu-Tarthes Sunshadow Snow Wisdom
Secondmonth Ae-Noman Frostglint Mist Goldspel
Thirdmonth Ai-Gebbon Windlion Birth Silverscale
Fourthmonth Ko-Fenas Fathereye Rain Coppertail
Fifthmonth Ji-Naras Bloomkiss Sun Bronzewing
Sixthmonth Rin-Taras Neverstar Leaves Brasseye
Seventhmonth Pal-Henach Brightsong Sky Whitegreed
Eigthmonth Yun-Feerna Skyhome Reeds Blackbreath
Ninthmonth Te-Carob Mothereye Gift Greenclutch
Tenthmonth Na-Vesto Flameleaf Twighlight Bluetooth
Eleventhmonth Al-Gerran Kinspeak Stars Redclaw
Twelfthmonth On-Heccan Chillmoon Sleep Slumber
Lastmonth In-Dearam Wolfhowl Moon Platinumshine
*The litorian calendar considers Birth the first month of the year.

The days of the week also have a variety of names, but the common names are used so widely, they are the only ones worth noting. There are seven days in each week, each with a shortened or slang form used often as well.
  • Dawnday/Dawday
  • Waterday/Waday
  • Earthday/Erday
  • Halfweekday/Hawday
  • Skyday/Skiday
  • Firesday/Firday
  • Restingday/Resterday

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