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Champion of Loyalty

Champion of Loyalty

A Champion of Loyalty does not devote herself to a single cause. Her cause is the cause of those she allies herself with. Sometimes she may become dedicated to her associates' purpose, but sometimes she is simply devoted to her group and does not become attached to it's actions. Because of this, other Champions may believe a Champion of Loyalty to be fickle and uncommitted, but a Champion of Loyalty sees true devoutness in her steadfast loyalty to whomever she joins with. A Champion of Loyalty is often (but not always) a believer in destiny, and may feel that fate brought her where (and to whom) she needs to be.

A Champion of Loyalty is not a being of lawlessness. Order and tradition matter to her a great deal, and though she may not agree with all laws, she still respects law and order in general. A Champion of Loyalty is more likely to try to change a law than to simply break it.

A Champion of Loyalty also expects those around her to be loyal to their own convictions and vows. She has little tolerance for deserters and even less for betrayers. She especially dislikes corruption within organized systems of law. The Champion does not usually tolerate insubordination or disorder in her presence.

Special -The Champion may declare other characters as Allies. She is limited to those she has a personal connection to or has sworn fealty to. The number of Allies she may have may be no greater than her Champion level plus her Charisma modifier (up to a maximum of 10 + Charisma modifier). Any cohorts or followers a Champion gains through the leadership feat are automatically considered Allies and do not count towards this limit. Once an Ally is declared, they must remain an Ally until they either die, betray the Champion, or grossly violate the Champion's code of conduct.
1st Level- My Life for Yours (Sp): The Champion can cast Lesser Transfer Wounds a number of times per day equal to Consitution modifier as a caster of her class level. She may not use this ability on herself. If cast upon an Ally, the Champion may use the Heightened version of the spell.
5th Level - Aggressive Fervor (Su): The Champion gains a +2 luck bonus to attack and damage rolls against any enemy that has made a successful attack against one of the Champion's Allies (during the current encounter).
10th Level - Unfailing Devotion (Su): The Champion is immune to any Mind Altering spell that may cause her to harm (or in some cases, just not help) her Allies, including Charm, Command, and Suggestion spells.

15th Level – Inspire Adherence (Su): The Champion has a persistent aura that grants herself and all Allies within 30 feet a +4 on all Will Saves. This may stack with other effects.

20th Level – Protective Mind (Sp): The Champion can cast Mental Protection once per day as a caster of her class level, using Charisma as her key spellcasting ability. If cast upon an Ally, the Champion may use the Heightened version of the spell.

25th Level – Call to Action (Su): The Champion's presence commands loyalty. Once per day, she may Call a group to Action. This is usually done in the fashion of a rousing speech or battle cry. A Champion may only Call to Action a group that is “on her side” already. She may not Call to Action enemies or those who are decidedly un-loyal to her or to her cause. Anyone who can hear the Champion's voice is within the range of the Call. The effects of the Call last for one hour per level. While under the effects of a call, the targeted creatures enjoy a +8 morale bonus to all attack rolls, saves, and checks. For Allies of the Champion (and the Champion herself) this bonus increases to +12. This bonus may stack with other effects.

Avatar's AlliesThe Champion of Loyalty's Avatar Allies appear to be humanoids wearing glass-like crystal armor. Once per encounter, each Avatar Ally may magically “take a hit” for the Champion or one of her Allies. This may be done after damage has already been rolled.

True ShieldThe Champion of Loyalty's shield appears to be made out of translucent glass crystals. It allows the Champion to order a foe to attack her instead of an Ally as if she were using the Suggestion spell as a caster of her class level, using Charisma as her key spellcasting ability. The shield grants her SR 25 and DR 10/+1 (or DR 10/magic) while fighting an ordered foe.

True Weapon – The Champion of Loyalty's weapon appears to be made out of crystal. It increases her Aggressive Fervor by +4 (to a total of +6).

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Oddysey said...

There should be some kind of definition of "allies." At the very least, we should note down ahead of time who counts as an "ally." And it should probably be a limited number of people. If it were possible to define anyone as an "ally," for the purposes of these abilities, those abilities would be somewhat ludicrous.

It's not a huge issue, given the context that these rules are intended for. It'd just make them a little more widely applicable, and harder to abuse by random people who may at some point find them.

Also, it might be interesting if the Champion of Loyalty had some way of encouraging loyalty in her allies. Not really sure if there's a way to do that mechanically.

Any thoughts on the cosmetic aspects? True weapon/true shield and all that?