Wednesday, February 7, 2007


The following slang words are from Arcana Evolved, page 329. I recommend using them in normal conversation, because you aren't living if you don't get bizarre looks from random strangers on a regular basis.

A Giant's Reach: Something about 10 feet long (technically). More generally, something that is distant, but still visible. "The other side of the cave's only about a giant's reach from here. "

Ale-Addled: Drunk.

Angel's Wings:
Extreme luck. "He was saved by angel's wings."

Between Midnight and Death: A phrase used by many to mean "in deep trouble." As in, "We're between midnight and death down here!"

Biter: Someone week, attempting to be strong. "Little biter" is the most common use. Often used by crude members other races to describe a faen, particularly a faen warrior.

Bitter Suns: A curse. When directed to another, it means, "May the rest of your days be painful and sad."

Bobber: A copper piece.

By Malleus' Beard: An exclamation. The phrase refers to the great human hero Malleus, whose point of pride was his beard.

Cack: Nonsense.

Deuce: A silver piece.

Far From Home: Originally a litorian saying ("Araansha," in the native tongue), this means anything strange or alien.

Farther West: A term that means "keep looking" or "keep trying." Referring to the fact that for so long no one really knew what lay to the distant west, people use this phrase when someone makes an incorrect guess or can't find something that's lost. "Farther west, friend," one might say to such a person.

Feykin: What giants often affectionately call faen.

Gob-Friend: A shortened form of "goblin friend," this term is a pejorative descriptor for someone, implying that the person likes disgusting, low-class, or otherwise nasty things.

Little Brother: What giants call a well-liked human.

Logsleeper: A stupid person.

Maggot: A devious person.

Meadfoot: Someone able to hold his liquor.

Niashra's Gift: A blessing, or something truly excellent. A greater battle healing spell, a sack of 1,000 gp, or a masterwork sword, given from one individual to another, can be referred to as Niashra's gift.

Quen's Coin, or a Queen: A gold piece.

Race-Traitor: What some humans call mojh. This is a particularly offensive term.

Rarer Than a Dragon's Scale: Something very uncommon or something precious.

Royal: A platinum piece.

Spell-Brained: Stupid

Strong as a Magister's Staff: Something that is nearly unbreakable.

Witch-Headed: Crazy. Witches do not care for its use.

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Karen said...

Those sayings are witch-headed! You'd have to be spell-brained to use them! What do you think I am, a logsleeper?