Sunday, February 4, 2007

Captains Log I

Firstmonth 23rd

After swimming through the ocean to reach civilization, I have been able to purchase a fine ship, a Pinnace, to carry on my piratey ways. I will not forget the horrors that claimed my old captain and the rest of the crew… I wonder, did any of the others survive? The attack was so sudden and chaotic… the water was roiling, and I dared not try to see if any survived. I’m lucky the monster didn’t see me… perhaps another died distracting it, intentionally or not, from me…

In any event, I shall need a crew. The Pinnace is a four man ship, and I only count for one… I’ll head to Ao-Manasa… Captain was going to meet some Quickling named Taevin but… I know he didn’t make it. I’ll see if he can get me a job.

Firstmonth 24th

Note to self: never man this ship alone again. EVER.

Firstmonth 25th

After… moderate success, I have docked the ship at Ao-Manasa, paying 5 Queens… the Captain of the Guard still wanted to inspect my ship though. My ship! The nerve of these Giants... I may have to pay him a visit tonight…

Firstmonth 26th

I have a crew. Only four people including me, but it’s enough to man the ship. And these aren’t the regular dredge of pirates. In fact, it’s a Faen Magister, some shady Mojh assassin and, get this, a Champion of Justice working for the Knights of the Axe. Funny story really, when I went to visit our good friend the Guard Captain, turned out these three others were there too, to kill him. We sort of banded together, but when we got to the guys room… he was already dead. Since two of them were taking orders from organizations, I suspect they might’ve been set up… then again, 4 people did want him dead. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a 5th… or even a seventh for that matter.

In any event, as soon as we find the guy dead, some other guardsmen start banging on the door. Rellik, the Mojh, throws a rope up a chimney, and I follow him up that way. The Champion of Justice, Sigrid, decides since she’s innocent, she should just surrender and she’ll be let off the hook. The Faen also followed us… for a time. You see, we decided to do some roof-top to roof-top jumping to get to my beauteous Pinnace, Ocean’s Blade, but this Faen fails horribly, and got captured by the guards.

Now, I had already decided these three might be just the people for my crew, so we sailed out for a couple of hours, but came back for them. They were looking for a ship anyway, so I made them an offer to crew my ship. They agreed, except Sigrid demanded to be first mate…. Whatever.

I went to see Taevin. Rellik tried to follow me, but I sent him back to the ship. Taevin says theres this big fancy noble collector what wants us to explore some long abandoned tomb for relics. The collector is offering 2000 queens a pop for ‘em. Taevin’ll split that with me. Of course, when I tell my crew this, they demand 250 a piece as well… which I assume is fine, so long as we find at least 4 of these vague relics.

We set sail to Sorern’s (the Loresong Faen) island he wanted to go to. See some Dragon what told him to kill the guard. I plan to let everyone check up with their respective employers, then we go to the tomb.

Firstmonth 27th

We arrived at this dragons island, Sorern talked to it, and apparently did a job well done. The dragon might call on him again for services, but I don’t have a problem with that.

Firstmonth 28th

We arrived at the island of the Kinghts of the Axe. Sigrid talked to her higher-ups, and had some new mission. She won’t talk about it. Every time I ask she just shrugs it off. Damn Knights. She says she just needs to get to someplace at a certain time in the future.

Secondmonth 1st

Sailing conditions favourable. We’ll likely get to Relliks island in shorter time than it would take.

Secondmonth 2nd

Winds have pushed us slightly off course, nothing damaging at all though. Sigrid has er, banished herself to the crows nest, normally Relliks sleeping place, and has started writing really bad poetry.

Secondmonth 3rd

We arrived at Rellik's destination. He took no extra time in getting in and out, saying nothing but that he had a new mark. We were able to depart early. The Tombs isle is nearby.

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