Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Captains Log II

Secondmonth 9th

When we entered the Tomb on the Fourth, I had no inclination to stay more than a few hours. I suspect there is some form of curse on that Tomb… a curse of madness and persistence.
The first thing we saw in the Tomb was a sarcophagus with some relics on it. There was something of a moat between us and it, so Rellik tied a rope from some rubble nearby to it. We crossed with… moderate success.. Sigrid and I fell in, but Rellik was able to levitate us up. When Sorern picked up the relics, it opened a door behind us, revealing two, over-sized blue stone bears. One of the bloody animals grabbed a hold of me, but I blasted ice in its face, and killed it, stopping it cold in its tracks.

The door also led to a room in which strange depictions of a battle between humans and dragons... and a strange light moving across the floor. We found a secret compartment with some strange blue stones and a sword we are in the process of identifying. So far it seems to be necromantic in nature and very powerful. We were also able to understand an inscription on the wall that said:

Keep these words
Who finds them here
Beneath a bitter moon
Your path is found
By dragon bound
By ritual and rune.

After searching the rest of the tomb, we found a box with a lock of hair in it, and another sword, which I can detect no magic in.

This is where the madness set in…. we scoured the tomb for more relics and treasures, but found none. We rested periodically, when we assumed it was night, but we never just looked out the main entrance, which was only a giant’s reach from where we usually were. Even I cannot explain why I continued searching. We destroyed certain parts of the tomb, searching for more passageways, but found none. Sigrid took it harder than the rest of us. She complained and threatened to leave the tomb, which she could have done at any time, even to just breathe in the fresh air, as we all could and probably should have, but none of us did.

When we finally broke free from the madness and emerged from the Tomb, the sun was rising. Yet only a few bells later, dark storm clouds massed in our path. I knew the Ocean’s Blade could not take what this storm could become head on, so I diverted the course in an attempt to avoid the worst of it. The storm was unpredictable and ever-changing, and I was (and still am) not in the best condition for any form of thought, so I had to continually check the sky and my charts. Sigrid asked if we were lost. I told her I was taking a different course, and hoped that would assure her. I doubt she has faith in my abilities as a captain though. I’ll need to prove to her that I am capable… even if mutiny would clash with her morals; I know any unrest in the crew can be dangerous…

I need some rum…

Secondmonth 10th

The storm cleared up early in the morning, and Sorern and I were awake, so we plotted a direct course to Ao-manasa. Sigrid dosen’t seem to understand much of navigation on the sea. She finds it hard to comprehend a correlation between the stars and navigation! Perhaps if I taught her some basics she would respect my position more… she has retreated to the Crows nest, and I doubt she’ll return anytime later.

Secondmonth 11th

We’ve returned to the ship for an evening planning session. When we arrived in Ao-manasa earlier today, we went into a local tavern for an early meal. After some gossiping, we learned of a few interesting events…. Namely, the murder of some nobleman involving a yellow rose being left behind, and some wanted posters for the murderers of Sa-Follen. The posters have what could be a humanoid shadow and a dashing pirate with roguishly good looks. They didn’t get the chin quite right, but you can see they were inspired.

Apparently the underground gladiator arena is having a series of matches in honour of Sa-Follen. Should be the criminal social event of the season. Rellik and myself will most likely stop by to look for more information.

I saw Taevin Brightfind. I received 5,000 queens (1,250 for each member of the crew) for the two scepter heads, the crown, the sword, and the box with the lock of hair.

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