Monday, February 12, 2007

Sigrid's Journal 3 - Entombed


Secondmonth 6?

Being in a tomb for such a long time has distorted my perception of time. I believe that we woke up in the morning and it was Secondmonth 6, however, it may have been nightime or another day all-together.

We managed to go back across the rope without any major incidents. The Captain did nearly fall from the rope, and it was mildly amusing to watch him flail around and pull himself back up.

We explored the right passageway and found ourselves in a room with a statue, presumably of King Ozymandius' Champion. We also found a non-magical box with a lock of hair in it, and a very nice non-magical sword. This brings our relic total to five. We thoroughly searched this room for many more bells, finding nothing else. After that we went back into the main chamber and started clearing this huge pile of rubble. We made a big dent in the pile and decided that it was probably nighttime by now and so we decided to sleep.


Secondmonth 7?

We woke up and continued clearing the rubble. It took forever. Finally we managed to clear a passageway through the rubble and found ourselves in a round tomb that was identical to the one we investigated yesterday. Except that it was completely empty. I was so exhausted and frustrated that I sat down and cried and refused to move for awhile. Everyone else searched the room and tried to detect magic and secret doors. They found nothing. You know why? Because there is nothing else in this blasted tomb. Nothing I say! Naught!


Secondmonth 8?

Where has the sun gone? There is no sun anymore. I am to be in this place forever. This must be my punishment for killing that Giant. I keep looking towards the path that leads to the entranceway. I should just leave. I could do it. I could bolt to the door. But the others might object, and I am exhausted anyway. We have not had any food since we entered this place, and our waterskins ran out about two days ago. Everyone else has gone back across the rope to look at the room with the dragon and temple again. I refused to go. If they do not return by the time I wish to sleep, I swear I will get up and leave this place and go back to the boat. But wait, I think that is them right now.


Secondmonth 9?

Freedom! Glorious, glorious Freedom! Justice is all well and good, but right now I understand why many of the Knights of the Axe choose to champion Freedom.

We left the tomb with our five treasures just as the sun was coming up. The sun. It is so bright and wonderful. I understand Champions of Light better now as well.

We set sail and it was probably only two bells later when the sun disappeared behind dark storm clouds. It became windy and proceeded to rain for the rest of the day. Blank kept looking at his charts and then looking at the sky. I asked him if we were lost, and he told me “Arrr, a pirate is never lost, they just sometimes choose a different course.”

We're lost.


Secondmonth 10?

Fortunately the storm cleared up overnight, and Sorern and Blank managed to chart a correct course using the stars. I asked them a few times what the stars had to do with the ocean, but they said I wouldn't understand. I eventually got fed up with them and retreated back to the crow's nest. I think I shall sleep here tonight. The air is fresh after yesterday's storm.


Secondmonth 11

We arrived at Ao-Manasa a little after midday bell.. I managed to confirm with the port guard that today was indeed Secondmonth 11. We went to a tavern for an early supper and talked to some of the locals about what had been going on around Ao-Manasa for the last couple of weeks.

There had been a city funeral for Sa-Follen, and they were still looking for his killers. The barmaid pointed out a wanted poster the watch had posted. On the poster were two pictures. One was a dashing pirate, the other was a humanoid-shaped shadow. The pictures looked nothing like Blank and Rellik.

The underground gladiatorial arena (which is exceptionally illegal) was holding a tournament in “honor” of Sa-Follen. Rellik and Blank said they might check it out, but informed me I would probably not want to join them, as I didn't look like the type of person who frequents such things. I suppose that is a compliment.

Also, Ea-Shamar has become the new Guard Captain. This is good. She seems like a nice enough woman, at least as nice as Giants come. Hopefully she will be more sympathetic to the human community in Ao-Manasa. Perhaps if the Giants learn to be compassionate and respectful of humans, they will eventually allow us self-rule. That would be an ideal situation. I do not fancy a revolution for independence, as revolutions cause many deaths on both sides. Then again, sometimes revolutions cannot be avoided. Revolution may be a real possibility in the future. Not anytime soon though. Also, a human noble has been murdered. His body was found with a yellow rose. I suspect Giant involvement. Then again, I always suspect Giant involvement.

After supper, Blank visited his contact Taevin and collected 5,000 Queens for the relics. My cut is 1,250. I have no idea how to spend this small windfall. Perhaps I can donate this to an orphanage or something. I still feel I must do something to redeem myself. Sorern decided to head back to the ship to study the magical rocks. The other two aren't particularly talkative, so I have taken the opportunity to write in this journal. I thought I should write down the townsfolk's information before I completely forgot about it.


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