Sunday, February 18, 2007

Session 4 Quotes

“We’re a crew. We’ve got to have . . . cohesion.” – Captain Blank

“So what’s capitalist fascism, exactly? Do divulge. Enlighten me. Add to the cohesion.” – Captain Blank

“Ah. So this is where your . . . charming sense of Justice comes from.” – Captain Blank

“But how well would the cohesion be, if you had humans rule humans, and . . .” – Captain Blank
“You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.” – Sigrid

“We’ll go look for the underground. Rellik, start digging.” Captain Blank

“That’s how I found Captain Bonnet in the first place, he was in a tavern.” – James
“Then stay. Away. From taverns.” – Captain Blank

“Is there a place where I could buy a deadly poison?” – Rellik
“He’s a collector.” – Captain Blank

“Why don’t you go ask what’s-his-name about the stuff?” – Captain Blank

“I’ll give you 600 gp.” – Rellik
“You’re giving him more money than he asked for?” – Sigrid
“It’s contact etiquette. You wouldn’t understand.” – Captain Blank

“Kraken! *cough* *cough* Repressed memory! Need rum!” – Captain Blank

“It’s all good clean fun until someone gets their sword polished with poison.” – Captain Blank

“That’s generosity, not justice!” – Captain Blank
“I’m just giving him a few coins! I’m a nice person.” – Sigrid
“You’re encouraging him!” – Captain Blank
“Encouraging him not to freeze to death?” – Sigrid

“Wake up! We need to leave before the black market closes.” – Captain Blank

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