Saturday, February 10, 2007

Session 3 Quotes

“I call upon the power of all that is true and just in the world!” – Sigrid
“I’ll be going now.” – Captain Blank

“Okay, I killed a bear.” – Captain Blank
“I killed a bear better.” – Sorern

“He said specifically that they were ‘catacombs,’ as in, involving dead people.” – Captain Blank
“And giant blue bears.” – Sorern

“It’s contact etiquette. You wouldn’t understand.” – Captain Blank

“Interesting. This seems to be a very popular name in this ancient culture.” – Captain Blank

“It’s a bunch of criminal lowlifes, there’s plenty of information to be had there.” – Sigrid

“Captain Blank gets into a gladiator death match, and almost dies.” – Sigrid

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