Sunday, February 4, 2007

Session 2 Quotes

“I call upon the power of Justice!” – Sigrid

“Yar har, Cap’n Blank, arr.” – Captain Blank

“So you are a real pirate. Your ship is so small and rickety, I thought you were a fake pirate.” – Sigrid

For context: the first and second were immediately consecutive, both uttered at the beginning of the battle with the crabs. The second seemed to be some kind of response to the former; perhaps Captain Blank thought it was some kind of battle cry.

The second was from right after Sigrid had used her Champion of Justice powers to find out that the most unjust thing that Captain Blank had ever done was, quote, "Plunder of merchant ships. Arr."

Not that you really need context for it to be funny.


Qwertyuiopasd said...

You are mistaken. It was "Plunder of merchant ships. Arr. Never caught"

~Captain Blank

Oddysey said...

Duly noted. However, I feel that the comedic rhythm is improved by ending it with "arr."