Friday, January 26, 2007

Session 1: Things Go Wrong

Firstmonth 26, 1759

The party met while hanging around in front of the Sa-Follen’s (the corrupt captain of the guard) house in the middle of the night. They sort of wandered around for a little while, then “snuck” around the back. They found a door to a tool shed, searched it thoroughly, and were spotted by a guard. The guard approached, Rellik stabbed him, Blank tried to stab him and hit a bunch of rakes instead. The guard tried to run away, Sorern summoned a pit of acid in front of him, and Sigrid chased him. (With only the intention of stopping him, she says.) She knocked him into unconsciousness, then Sorern searched him and Rellik rolled him into the pit of acid.

They hid under the stairs. Another guard came down, failed his Spot check horribly, and went over to investigate the missing rug and acid scoring in the great hall. They snuck upstairs, went into the Sa-Follen’s room, and found that he was already dead. Shortly thereafter, the town guard had them surrounded.