Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Sigrid's Journal 1 - Peculiar Mishaps


Firstmonth 22

The Order has given me a new mission.

It has been long known that Guard Captain Sa-Follen of Ao-Manasa is a corrupt man. Recently though, the problem has become much worse. Sa-Follen has been ordering his Guardsmen to take Non-Giants into custody on made-up charges such as “Failure to pay 'safety' tax”. Those taken are never seen again. People who have taken grievances to Steward Gri-Taresh about Sa-Follen have not received Justice. Often, they become the next victims of this corrupt Guard Captain.

There is no legal recourse against Sa-Follen. The Order has decided that the only way to protect the Non-Giant citizens of Ao-Manasa is to kill Sa-Follen. They have chosen me to deliver him Final Justice, because Justice is my calling. I will prepare to leave at once.


Firstmonth 23

The Order has granted me a one-man sailing vessel to deliver myself to Ao-Manasa. It is not very large, and I would not trust it on a long trip, but for the day or so it will take to arrive at Ao-Manasa, it will do me just fine.

Wind conditions are perfect, as if the air itself wishes me a fast journey to deliver Final Justice to Sa-Follen. I will not fail.


Firstmonth 24

Perhaps my one-day journey will be two. I think I may have miscalculated my route yesterday. Justice is patient. I will have my time.


Firstmonth 25

I saw the Guard Captain as soon as I got into port. He was arguing with a very peculiar man over the right to search his ship. A Guardsman did a cursory search of me and my boat, glancing momentarily at the Order crest on my shield. He jokingly told me to uproot the Steward while I was in town. I told him I would certainly try not to start a revolution, but that sometimes these things cannot be helped. Perhaps I should not have brought an Order shield with me on this mission. Thankfully, Sa-Follen did not take any notice to me at all, as he was still arguing with the strange man when the Guardsman let me leave. I wandered around near the port for much of the afternoon, scouting out Sa-Follen's manor. When I returned to my boat in the early evening to procure my ropes and other gear, it was gone. I will have to find some other way back to my Order after my mission is complete. I will also have to complete my mission with only the gear on my back.

I will pay Sa-Follen a visit tonight.


Firstmonth 26

My mission did not go as planned. There were no less than three other would-be Final Justice deliverers present when I arrived at the manor (though I question whether they were really motivated by Justice. It is no matter, motives are naught, actions are what matters.) I found myself standing with a shady-looking Mojh dressed in all black, a Faen Mage, and the peculiar man from the port. We were a most motley crew. We formed an impromptu group and entered Sa-Follen's manor through the back entrance. We were spotted by a guard, who attempted to flee, and then I, yes I, cut him down. He had raised no blade against me and was running for his life. I callously murdered him. Where is the Justice in that? There is none. I must not forget this. There must be Justice for what I have done.

We managed to sneak to Sa-Follen's quarters without alerting anymore guards to our presence (or so we thought), but when we arrived there, he was already dead. Apparently there were more with motive to kill the Guard Captain. I am really not surprised. This is when it gets odd. We had just noticed that Sa-Follen was dead, when we were suddenly surrounded by the town Guardsmen. They were in the hallway, outside the windows. It looked as though we had been caught. Running away would certainly make us look guilty, so I chose to stay. The other three fled up the chimney, as I was lead away to the Guard Station. They dragged the Faen in not a quarter-bell later, looking badly injured. We were questioned and released. At no point during the questioning did I confess to the murder of the Guard. Perhaps I should have. Justice will have to be served in one way or another, and no matter what, it will not be pleasant for me. I will deal with that when it comes.

The Faen, named Sorern, and I stayed together and went to the port in search of a boat. I only had a few hundred Queens, so I doubted we could purchase a boat, but perhaps we could purchase passage.

As it turned out, we would not be needing any coin at all. We ran into Peculiar Man (who asked only to be called “Cap'n Blank, Arrr” and Dark Mojh (who goes by Rellik, which I am sure is not his actual name) at the port. Cap'n Blank seems to believe himself some sort of pirate, though with such a small and rickety boat, coupled with the fact he has no crew or treasure, leads me to believe he may simply be mindsick and not a pirate at all. He offered us passage in exchange for help sailing. This seems like a fair trade. He also offered us shares in a job. We are going to collect relics at an ancient ruin and exchange them to Cap'n Blank's contact for 1000 gold a piece. Extra coin can't hurt.

I also convinced Cap'n Blank to allow me to be the First Mate on this ship, the Ocean's Blade. We will set sail tonight. Our first destination is an island that Sorern wishes to visit. Apparently he has a dragon friend there. Dragons are interesting creatures. I would much like to meet this dragon.


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