Monday, March 12, 2007

Session 6 Quotes

“I’m the quartermaster. I keep stuff places.” – Sigrid
“And I hide things other places.” – Blank

“Rellik! I will not tolerate insubordination.” – Captain Blank
“(I said a fancy word.)” – Captain Blank

“Why would they try to kill us? We are as innocent as little baby birdlings.” Captain Blank
“Little baby birdlings who just murdered someone.” – Sigrid
“Baby birdlings can be very vicious.” – Captain Blank

“It’s like everything I know about justice has been turned on it’s head. The guards just came in and arrested a man who, while certainly not innocent, was not guilty of this crime.” – Sigrid

“But it’s a ritual. You can’t bother me.” – Sigrid
“Right. I’ll be on god dirty.” – Soern

“I’ll always be there to get hammered with you.” – Captain Blank
“Yeah, that makes me feel much – wait, yeah, it does.” – Sigrid

Things That Never Happened:

“We all got multiples of five.” – Soern
“But only one of them was a prime number.” – Captain Blank

“My name is Sigrid Halstead. You killed your father. Prepare to die.” – Sigrid

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