Monday, March 19, 2007

Session 7: Velociraptors!

Secondmonth 25, 1759 – Thirdmonth 13, 1759

They spent a long while sailing. On the 25th, when they set out from the Tomb of Ozymandius, it was clear, but by the next day the weather had turned to fog. Which hung on the water for four days, until it cleared up on the 2nd of Thirdmonth. That was the most interesting thing that happened until the night of the 4th, when the ship was attacked by a gang of eel-like humanoids. The crew successfully repelled them, and the general monotony of sailing on the open ocean resumed.

It warmed up on the 7th, but cooled off again on the 13th, when it started to rain, and the wind kicked up again. That wind propelled them to a mysterious island that rose out of the sea, covered with jungles from which strange noises emanated.

They landed, left their boat in a cove, and made their way up the island, through the jungle, to a point near the peak that glittered, even through the rainy haze.

Then they ran into a pack of velociraptors. It was a rousing battle.

They returned to their ship, to rest and regroup, and discovered that it had been invaded by monkeys.

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