Thursday, March 8, 2007

Captains Log IV

Secondmonth 16th (cont.)

Sorern finally finished scrying those items. Nothing much new about the stones, the sword has necromantic powers, is empathetically intelligent, but its powers are bound somehow. It can be unbound in some temple of the Hora Quan, but I’m not entirely sure what that’ll do…. We’ll probably mess around with it anyhow.

We convinced Rellik to stay at the ship while we went to the Mevarin household. We didn’t want any unpleasant err, assassinations during our visit. We were greeted by this quirky butler who decided we were all pirates. He changed his mind about me when I said I was a pirate, because I was telling the truth, and pirates lie, or something. I love old geezer logic.

Mischa was rather collected for someone who’s just lost a supposedly loved one. But I’m not one to pry into personal lives… unless gold is involved. Yarrrr….. in any event, we found some useful documents Sorern translated talking about some champion of Ozymandius.

After we were done there, I decided I would take it upon myself to teach Sorern about the wonders of Rum at the Black Angle. Sigrid didn’t seem too against this, so I figure that’s a good sign.

Getting tanked with a Faen turns out to be not such a good idea. Not only am I still hung-over, we nearly got into a bar fight together, and I’ve seen magic users in bar fights. After about 10 seconds they couldn’t be consider bar fights so much as all out battles. Tillienne seemed to have similar experience. Apparently Gannen knew something about the sword, so Sigird talked with him a bit about that… didn’t yield any new information, but at least it’s likely improved our cred.

Oh, I also picked up my headband-o-wisdom. I look so kickass with it on.

On our way back to the ship, we ran into James and a couple of ruffians. They were shaking him down, but apparently only for the sake of beating him up. When we showed up, they left, muttering something about Illiam. I better track him down before he pulls something like this again.

Anyway, James annoyed us for a bit until Sigird paid him off to leave. I don’t know why she encourages him.

We passed a ship with a bunch of pirates who looked like Illiams ilk, so we got in our ship, and I just ordered everyone to follow them when they took off, and everyone, even Sigrid, complied… I’m such a good captain.

We followed them up the coast a few miles, but then the fog set in…. it was unnaturally fast, and I immediately thought it might be magical. It lifted maybe a quarter of a bell later, and the other ship was gone. More oddly, we seemed to be in a drastically different place. But we had traveled very slowly, as there were sharp rocks about… we searched for any signs of magic or secret passages, but found none. We decided to investigate it later, and we headed down to Sigrid’s superiors island.

Secondmonth 17th

We enjoyed a lovely ice storm today. It would delay us, but I was not daunted. Sigrid… did not share the sentiment. She made the throwaway comment of “Stupid fucking ice makes me so cold. Hate hate hates it.” I tried to freeze her by looking at her. While I did not entirely succeed, I think it got the point across.

Memo to self: Must learn how to freeze people by gazing at them.

Secondmonth 18th

*sigh* the ice storm stopped earlier this morning, but winds have picked up and we should make it to the island by tomorrow. It’s times like these on the seas when I think it’s all going to well… it seems like we should either be pursuing some ship, being pursued, carrying contraband, being in a sea storm, or being attacked by some monster…. Things have been too quiet lately… perhaps that monster is stalking us…. Ah, what am I thinking? I’m getting paranoid… but still… that monster took us completely by surprise. Even if it wasn’t specifically following us…. I have to be prepared, and I mustn’t fail to protect my crew and ship.

Secondmonth 19th

Sigrid took a bit longer than usual talking with Mr. Morek. We should be heading to where we think the temple is in due time.

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