Sunday, March 4, 2007

Session 5: Investigation

Secondmonth 16, 1759 – Secondmonth 19, 1759

They went back to the ship, then went to Mischa Mevarin’s house to investigate. Sorern came with them, but Rellik stayed at the ship, because they didn’t trust him around Mischa.

Sorern reported the results of his investigations: the sword was intelligent, empathic, and possessed some kind of bound powers, in addition to having a necromantic aura. He had also discovered a historical reference to a sword called Aur Xica, with all of these properties. These researches indicated that the way to unbind the sword’s power involved going to the Temple of the Hora Quan. This interested the rest of the party, and they decided to pursue it further, once they’d investigated the murder business.

So they went to the Mevarin mansion, where they were greeted by an unpleasant old man, probably a butler. He accused them of being “unwashed” and “pirates,” except for Captain Blank, who – since he appeared and claimed to be a pirate – was clearly not a pirate, and who was clean because he’d just used a hygiene spell.

He took them upstairs, where they met Mischa and interrogated her for a bit. She suggested that they look through her father’s papers, which they did, and found a document decorated in black and gold. They translated enough of it to figure out that it involved “Ozymandius” and the instatement as some kind of champion someone named “Dyeza Tazhiren.” They decided that this was the person whose statue they’d seen in the tomb.

Then they went to the Black Angle, where Captain Blank got his headband of (feathery) wisdom +2 from Cer-Athane. They also talked to Gannen, for a bit, because he recognized the Aur Xica, though he wouldn’t say just why.

On the way back to the docks, they ran into James again; he was being threatened by thugs. The thugs took off when approached, saying something about “the guy Illiam warned them about.” They talked to James, and Sigrid particularly tried to encourage him to keep out of trouble.

When they actually got to the docks, they saw a ship with black and red sails setting sail, its sailors singing unpleasant and rude songs. They decided to follow it, because it was probably Illiam’s ship. So they got to the Ocean’s Blade, and set sail.

They followed it, for a few hours, more or less along the coast of the island. Then some fog showed up, and they lost sight of the other ship as they sailed into it. When the fog disappeared, the other ship was nowhere to be found. They searched for it, and up and down the coast for any place where it could have hidden, but could find no sign of it.

So they continued on their voyage as planned, to the Order of the Axe stronghold, where Sigrid had a private conversation with Lord Morrek.

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