Sunday, March 4, 2007

Session 5 Quotes

(To Soern) “Didn’t you used to be all happy and whimsical? Hmm, maybe Rellik’s had a bad influence on him. Or maybe it was you.” – Sigrid
“I’m whimsical!” – Captain Blank
“You’re a pirate.” – Sigrid

“You look . . . unwashed.” – Mevarin Butler

“Are you a pirate? I don’t like pirates.” – Mevarin Butler
“I’m not a pirate.” – Soern
“You must be a pirate. Pirate’s always lie.” – Mevarin Butler
“I’m a pirate.” – Captain Blank
“You’re not a pirate. You’re telling the truth. You can’t be a pirate.” – Mevarin Butler

“Where’d you get that sword?” – Gannen
“We found it.” – Sigrid
“In a gold mine.” – Soern

“We found it, it’s very old, we don’t much about it. Except that it has feelings.” – Sigrid
“It’s the ale.” – Captain Blank

“I’m supposed to stand for justice, and truth.” – Sigrid
“Then sit down.” – Captain Blank

“So, Rellik, what do you think about going to the temple?” – Sigrid
“Rrrr, cryptic, rrr, apathy, rrr, kill Mischa.” – Captain Blank

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