Friday, March 16, 2007

Captains Log V

Secondmonth 19th

Sigrid took a bit longer than usual talking with Mr. Morek. We should be heading to where we think the temple is in due time.

Today it seems Rellik regained his voice. He’s decided we’re not going anywhere until Mischa dies. The others agreed that an unhappy Rellik make for an unhealthy crew, so we went back to Ao-manasa.

Secondmonth 20th

Today was another enlightening day. Another person had been a victim of the yellow rose killings, but we went on to kill Mischa anyway. After pestering her about the Hora Quan, Sigrid figured out she killed her father. About damn time. Before she’d answer anymore questions however, Rellik stabbed Mishca from behind (I still have no idea how he got there…) so Sorern and I just went along and mauled her. The butler came in, but Sigrid was able to pin him. We found some poison vials and yellow roses in Mishcas room, so we placed them with her. I also found some booze, which Sorern says is Magical.

We slinked on over to the Black Angle, and waited around with mazquar until Gannen arrived. We talked with him some, and my witch sight told me he was a champion of death. However, Sigrid says the most unlawful thing he’s ever done is the illegal arena fights. Oddly, Ea-Shamar busted in and arrested him for the yellow rose murders, sending Sigird into a completely incomprehensible mess. Since we might end up suspects for Mishcas death, we decided to high tail it outta there, and we set sail for Ozymandius’ tomb.

So that’s what we’re doing now. However, I have the worst feeling it’s going to take us a while to get going.

Secondmonth 21st.

Nothing peculiar today. Weathers nondescript, Relliks off hiding somewhere, Sorerns…. I have no idea what that little biter does. One thing though, Sigrids not around. She said, or mumbled rather, something about going down to the hull to think. She’s locked herself in a storage room and has been mostly quiet, except for the occasional muttering about justice and Gannen and Ea-shamar, Sa-Follen, Mishca, the knights of the axe, and some other silly stuff. I think she’s off her rockers….

Secondmonth 22nd.

Now we’re talking. We’re being blown way on… into…. Through our course. We’re being blown west by this powerful wind storm, and I’m loving it. I’ve heard some unsettling bumps and crashes from down below, and Sigrid yelling about the weather and her purpose or something. Sorern nearly fell off the deck twice, but I’m not so worried about that. Mark’s shark can grab him. Heh. I bet that’d scare ‘im.

Secondmonth 23rd.

Okay, this is ridiculous. The storm has continued for a full day. We completely whizzed past the temple, so now we’re moving against the storm. Other than that no eventful changes….

Secondmonth 24th

It’s cold, and Sigirds been more quiet than normal, but the winds have died, and we’ll make it back to the temple in due time.

We’ve reached the island, and I’ve set the crew on high alert for Giant Crabs. Accursed critters….

Secondmonth 25th.

We slept through the night without any crab ambushes, but I still don’t trust the buggers. We’re leaving the island as soon as possible. Sorern and I took a bit to calculate where we were going exactly, but with my nautical expertise we got it down pat.

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