Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Session 12: Everything Is On Fire

Fourthmonth 2nd – Fourthmonth 3rd

On the captured ship, they found a great quantity of interesting items.

Leather coat (+1 leather coat)
Light shield (+1 light shield)
Silky red veil, laced with garnets (burning veil)
Sea green crystal that feels slightly wet (crystal of aquatic action)
Redwood arrow that smells acrid and feels damp (fountainhead arrow)
A ruby, cut into a torus—beveled on top, flat below (rubicund frenzy, least)
Scroll (scroll of water breathing)

Incense, 300 gp
Silver dust, 420 gp
15 bloodstone, 20 gp each, 300 gp
5 lapis lazuli, 100 gp each, 500 gp
Large sack of lemon balm, 320 gp
Small crate of coriander, 575 gp
Barrel of almond oil, 160 gp

Chest of gold, 4600 gp
Chest of silver, 3000 sp

There was a moment of discussion about what they should do with Parrel’s ship. Soern was in favor of sinking it, but Captain Blank took it under his captaincy and delegated direct command to Soern. Then they sailed to the Order of the Axe stronghold and fought the hydras.

After their victory, Sigrid dragged Parrel up the hill, to talk to Lord Morrek. Captain Blank (after ordering Mark and his henchman to take care of the boats) and Gannen also came with her. Soern stayed on the ship, identifying those items they had determined to be magical, and Rellik stayed on or around the ship because he hates talking to people.

The conversation with Morrek went fairly well. He was pleased with the success of Sigrid’s plan to rescue Gannen from prison, and with their capture of ex-Captain Parrel. He asked her whether she knew a “man named Blank,” and when she said she did he produced a letter addressed to said individual, who he said he had been told would be arriving on the island soon. The letter, Captain Blank discovered, was from Taevin Brightfind, and said that the client who had originally sent them to the Tomb of Ozymandius had been asking Taevin if any of his freelancers had recovered “a sword.”

Lord Morrek also asked Sigrid if they had recovered a map, which the Island had recently unearthed, and contained the location of the Island of the Jeweled Trees, but had been stolen by the pirates when they attacked the stronghold.

Sigrid interrogated Parrel in regards to this map, who was initially reluctant to “betray his Captain,” but was shortly convinced to reveal that it had been removed from his ship and taken to the “secret pirate base,” which was what they had encountered when they’d followed Illiam’s ship into the fog bank. He then divulged the exact location of this base, and the fact that it is impossible to find if you don’t already know where it is.

Sigrid left Parrel to Lord Morrek and the Order dungeons, and returned with Gannen and Blank to the docks. There, Soern told them that one of the items was the burning veil, part of a set, and that the second part of the set was in a the aforementioned “secret pirate base.” He also told them what all of the other things were, and they divided the treasure amongst themselves. They also purchased a few items from the island armory, after Sigrid vouched for everyone’s character. (Sort of.)

Then they renamed the ship they had captured (from Fearful Lightning of the West to, simply, Fearful Lightning) and set sail for Ao-Manasa.

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Rae said...

Vouched for their character? I'm not sure I could really do that... maybe "vouched for the fact that they're not crazy"... no... that doesn't fit either. Maybe "vouched for the fact that they're not psychopathic killers"... no, that won't work either... Hmm... "vouched for the fact that they're not Diamond Throne agents, to the best of my knowledge"... yeah, that'll do...