Thursday, May 10, 2007

Session 13 Quotes

“Oh no! It’s the dreaded pie thief! The only man in the world, known to have green hair!” – Blank

“She might not search the ship at all. She might . . . trust us.” – Sigrid
[Laughter. Hilarious laughter.]

“If Gannen was a girl we could call him Lava Girl, because of the volcano. Why does Gannen have to be a man?” – Sigrid

“Why would he take levels in human? He’s a shark.” – Commodore Blank

“Well if she’s been asking questions recently I can guarantee she’s not Mischa.” – Sigrid

“Blank, tell your Akashics to start digging around.” – Captain Soern
“Yo Akashic. Start digging around. Ja.” – Commodore Blank (as Arnold Schwarzenegger)


Rae said...

omg... sigrid has as many quotes as blank...

Qwertyuiopasd said...

Commodore Blank's charm and rapier wit must be rubbing off on Sigrid.


Rae said...

Yes. That could be it. Or maybe Commodore Blank has lost some of his awesomeness.

Rae said...

Pie thief... or Piemaster?