Monday, April 23, 2007

Session 11 Quotes

“Kraken.” -- Sigrid
“Water latin.” – Soern
“Water dragon.” – Sigrid
“Waterdhavian.” – Blank
“Water latin.” – Soern
“Water dragon.” – Sigrid
“Water latin.” – Soern
“Watch your latin, young man.” – Blank

“Ah hah hah hah hah hah. Yer can’t use magic. It’s like you’re illiterate.” – Captain Blank

“Splice the main brace! Hold fast the riggings! And get me to that fucking island!” – Captain Blank

Things that never happened:

“That’s why I don’t like books.” – Captain Blank

“Paladin!” – Soern
“Of trees?” – Sigrid

“I could blind Illiam . . . if I were level 40.” – Blank


Rae said...

It's spelled "Waterdhavian". (Yeah, I'm a NWN geek)

Oddysey said...

Just because I've only played the beginning of NWN three times . . .

Thanks for catching that, though. I basically just guessed on how it was spelled.