Thursday, May 24, 2007

Session 15 Quotes

“Let’s just put the kids in charge. If something bad happens we’ll probably wake up, because it’ll involve fire.” – Rellik
“Or a kraken.” – Sigrid

“I threw James and the two people into the brig.” – Soern
“Why?” – GM
“Because they might be illusions.” – Soern

“Don’t we need someone who’s not completely on the wrong side of the law?” – Sigrid
“No!” – Blank

“Hey, Ea-Shamar! Look what I caught! A pirate! Ha ha ha ha ha!” – Blank

“Hey, look what I caught you! A male prostitute! Ha ha ha ha ha!” – Blank

“I would very much like to collect any bounty available, instead of killing him and turning his flesh into gold.” – Blank

“Gannen! I knew him. He was that weird guy my daughter was hitting on until she killed me.” – Blank, doing a Kedlar Mevarin impression

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