Thursday, May 10, 2007

Session 13: Ice Ice Baby

Fourthmonth 3rd – Fourthmonth 6th

On the way to Ao-Manasa, there was some discussion of what they should do with Gannen. Particularly, whose ship he should be on, because while Blank had told Tar-Namor that his name was Illiam, no one was sure that he had passed this information on to the rest of the guard, or even that he would consider it credible once the various magics (and alcohol) involved wore off. If the guard did think that Illiam had been involved in Gannen’s escape, they would be more likely to search the Fearful Lightning, seeing as it had been until very recently one of Illiam’s ships. On the other hand, the Ocean’s Blade had left mysteriously in the middle of the night Gannen escape.

Eventually, they decided that he should stay on the Fearful Lightning, disguised as a “generic sailor dude.”

On the 5th, they saw blood in the water, which Mark said was from a recent mass feed. Of some kind.

When they got to Ao-Manasa, Captain Blank went to talk to Taevin Brightfind about the letter, at the House of Glass tavern. When he returned, he reported that Taevin’s client had suddenly become interested in any sword’s Taevin’s freelancers had found. He had told Taevin that they had some kind of lead, and Taevin was going to talk to the client about possibly setting up a meeting.

Meanwhile, Rellik had reported what he knew of his mark—that she was a human magister named Kandla. Sigrid remembered that name as belonging to a local merchant. They asked around at the Black Angle, and found out the merchant in question ran a magical oddities shop called The Nightingale’s Mane, with her twin Kindli. They visited the store, and discovered that Kandla was out “at sea,” and would be back in about a week.

Also, Captain Blank acquired gauntlets of frozen magnificence, Soern a set of bracers of armor, and Sigrid an amulet of natural armor.

So, while they were waiting, they decided to check out the secret pirate base that Parrel had spoken of. Of which Parrel had spoken. That Parrel had mentioned.

They approached it, all mysterious-like, and entered the hidden coven with great stealth. Therein, they discovered it to be oddly abandoned, and a cave with flickering lights. They entered the cave, and discovered it to be infested in fire elemental. Which they dispatched. With righteous thacking. And ice.

Lots of ice.

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