Thursday, May 24, 2007

Session 15: Gannen Does a Magic Trick

Fourthmonth 6th -- Fourthmonth 8th

Commodore Blank's fleet set sail that night. They'd decided to get help from Ea-Shamar in interrogating their prisoners, and wanted to get back to the city as soon as possible. The senior crew went to sleep, having had a long day, filled with much pirating, and they left Blank's henchman to run the ships.

When they awoke, both the magister and Gannen were gone. They searched the ship, up and down, and found neither of them. They did discover, however, that 30 gp worth of silver dust was missing from the hold. Soern immediately began to study the spells and methods he knew of, to try to discover if there was any magical significance to that fact.

Meanwhile, Sigrid and Blank tried to interrogate Illiam. They tried to play good cop/bad cop, which didn't work too well. (Blank ended up playing both good cop and bad cop, exiting and coming back in again to switch roles.) Finally, Blank remembered that he could use magic, and compelled Illiam to tell him how Monala (the magister, whose name Illiam had revealed) would have escaped. He told them that she would, "get Dar-Shada to untie her, then teleport away."

So they moved over to the Fearful Lightning to talk to Dar-Shada. Soern reported that the silver dust was a component in Faen spells -- it allows the caster to make an enchantment harder to resist. Dar-Shada said that he had, indeed, let Monala go, but didn't know quite why. They decided to keep an eye on him.

They docked the boats, and Sigrid, Blank, and Soern took Illiam up to Ea-Shamar. She thanked them for apprehending the criminal--who she said the guard suspected had been involved in Gannen's escape--and gave them a reward. She also asked them if they would consider offering assistance in apprehending Gannen.

Rellik decided that he ought to also kill Kindli, just to make sure he had gotten the right person. They all went back down to the Nightingale's Mane, to check the place out, and Sigrid sold the periapt of natural armor she had bought on her last trip there and purchased a torque of heroic sacrifice in its stead.

That night, Rellik followed her back to her house. (She locked up the store with some kind of magical ward.) Then he dropped a dire moose head on her, and went back to the ship.

They decided they should go to the Island of the Jeweled trees, because they needed something from there, and Monala probably did too, so it was the place she was most likely to be.

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