Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Session 14: He Eats Puppies

Fourthmonth 16th

They ventured further into the cave, and Captain Blank and Soern got poisoned by a mysterious mist. In the room beyond that, they found a table covered with papers. The papers included three lists:


Kedlar Mevarin
Dialle Westing
Uthar Kalenil
Raviye Baron

Mischa Mevarin
Gannen Tazhiren

Which was very mysterious, and they worried about it. Gannen, particularly, didn't seem to think it was a good thing that his name was crossed off a list.

Then they heard some voices coming from the next room, and Rellik snuck over to investigate. He saw a pirate-y guy with fancy hair, and two magister-y women, one tall with long black hair, and one carrying a number of magic items who looked just like the Kindli, the proprieter of The Nightingale's Mane. The fancy-hair guy said something about being ready to leave, so, naturally, Rellik attacked them, by firing his an acidic arrow.

The rest of the group joined the melee shortly. Blank promptly recognized the pirate guy as Illiam, the scourge of his existence, who responded by peppering them with snappy patter and general arrogance. Then Blank blinded him with mud, Soern trapped him in chains of fire, and Sigrid knocked him out.

Meanwhile, Mark and Gannen (mostly Gannen) basically obliterated the woman whom they assumed was Kandla, and then the two teamed up with Rellik to knock out the other magister, because Blank wanted to take her alive. He thought she might prove useful in extracting intelligence from Illiam.

They tied up their two prisoners, then left Gannen and Rellik to guard them while everyone else explored the rest of the complex. They found a number of storage rooms, with spices and magic items, and Dar-Shada, a giant guard from Ao-Manasa, who said he had been captured by the pirates. They freed him, and offered to give him a ride back to the city.

At some point during all this, Captain Blank decided that he was now "Commodore Blank," and Soern was now "Captain Soern," on account of the new ship they had semi-jointly acquired.

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