Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Session 10: The Sneakiness

Thirdmonth 26th -- Thirdmonth 27th

Sigrid got back to Ao-Manasa on the 24th. While waiting for the others to show up, she gathered information and talked to Tillienne about the two guards Lord Morek had told her about.

The others got back on the 26th. Sigrid told them what she’d learned from Lord Morek. The scholars of the Order of the Axe had uncovered a few references to the Hora Quan, including a poem.

Free the fire,
From icy fist,
Meet seed with flame of earth,
With storm and stare,
With will of heir,
Of right blood and right worth.

Apparently, it had something to do with “restarting the volcano.”

She also told them about the plan she had devised, to get Gannen out of prison. They would bribe a guard. Morek had suggested two: Tar-Namor, who had the keys for that part of the stronghold but also had probable Nightwalker connections, or Oa-Tenasil, who didn’t have Nightwalker connections but also didn’t have the keys. They discussed the details of the plan, and decided on bribing Tar-Namor.

Captain Blank executed most of the plan. It involved magic, sneakiness, and diplomacy. And alcohol. (And pretending to be named Illiam.) At the Wicker Goat, the main guard hang-out, he made friends with the guard and proposed that he help them get Gannen out of jail in exchange for gold. Tar-Namor agreed to help them. He told them to come by the back entrance of the stronghold, just after midnight.

They killed time, meanwhiles, by hanging out at the Black Angle for a bit. Captain Blank purchased a cape of fancy charisma +2 from Cer-Athane. (He just happened to have one on hand.) Then they decided to interrogate Ratham, but first Sigrid had to go to the market, to go buy cheese.

On the way to the market, they ran into James, who had a story, with about the usual level of coherence, about getting captured by Illiam, and then getting let go, and then losing the people trailing him via the sewers. Captain Blank then cast hygiene on him, and finally agreed to let him join on with his crew.

They found Ratham at the Mevarin mansion. Talking to him was not terribly enlightening—he trusted them even less than he had last time. His explanations for why they pirates were even more nonsensical than they’d been originally. He mutter something along the lines of “why do all the scary people have to bother old Ratham?” but wouldn’t say anything more on the subject, even when Sigrid asked him who the scary people were, and told him that she could help.

Later, at midnight, they met Tar-Namor, at the back door, with Gannen. (Who made inexplicable faces, but didn’t say anything.) Then they headed down to the docks, and the Ocean’s Blade quietly set sail.

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