Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Session 10 Quotes

“Always remember this, as the day you almost got bribed by Captain Blank.” – Blank

“I need to get a bar, I, uh, a beer, a drink, an ale, a rum, an alcoholic beverage.” – Blank
“Wow, you’re really, really sober. You can’t even talk.” – Sigrid

“It gives me guidance. It tells me what to do. Hmm, feathers.” (cuddles hat) – Blank
“Is it your precious?” – Sigrid
“Goodness no. That’s my rum.” – Blank

“Would you happen to have . . . in your stock . . . a cape? Make me fancy.” – Blank, being all Sparrow-esque

“I think he would follow you to your grave, Captain Blank.” – Sigrid
“No, he would follow me to his grave!” – Blank

“Oh, my god, you found me out! I’m . . . really a weasel!” – Blank

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