Monday, April 23, 2007

Session 11: Acquisition of a Ship

Thirdmonth 27th -- Fourthmonth 2nd

James informed Captain Blank that he had invited four of his "friends" to join the ship's crew. Captain Blank wasn't particularly happy about it, but they seemed competent enough, so he reluctantly acquiesced to their addition to the crew.

Most of the voyage was spent talking to Gannen, talking to Captain Blank's new henchpersons, and goofing off.

As they approached the Order of the Axe chapterhouse island, they discovered that it was on fire. Probably because of the pyrohydra rampaging about the docks.

They also saw a ship with familiar red and black sails fleeing the scene. Captain Blank suspected it was Illiam, so he ordered James (secretly, as to avoid arousing suspicions in Sigrid before it was too late for her to demand they continue to her organizations island) to head for the black and red sailed ship. He, naturally, jumped off the boat. So Blank gave Mark, and the rest of the crew, the same orders publicly. Which, naturally, displeased Sigrid, but there wasn't much she could do about it without starting a mutiny, and she went along with the plan after extracting a promise from Blank that they would head for the island next.

The other ship was bit faster than the Ocean's Blade, and mostly out of reach of all their weapons, but it happened to be just within range of Soern's sorcerous blast He cast the acidic variation thereof, doing minor damage to it, killing most of the crew, and leaving it dead in the water.

They boarded it and negotiated a surrender from it's Captain, who turned out not to be Illiam, but rather a human named Parrel. They learned from him that Illiam now had a fleet, though he would not reveal its size. They tied him up, dispatched the rest of his crew (a task Sigrid delegated to Gannen), and began a search of the ship.


Rae said...

"They boarded it and negotiated a surrender from it's Captain, who turned out not to be human, but rather a human named Parrel."

Do you mean, "turned out not to be Illiam"?

Oddysey said...

Horrible (yet hilarious) errors fixed.