Thursday, April 5, 2007

Session 9: Pirating . . . with Honor!

Thirdmonth 13th – Thirdmonth 26th

They returned to the ship, and spent the next eight days at sea. (Until Thirdmonth 21st. It rained from the 14th to the 18th, was severely cold on the 19th and the 20th, and was still cold but not as cold on the 21st.)

The Ocean’s Blade encountered a merchant ship. They easily caught up to it, boarded it, dispatched the entire crew, and captured the captain. (Captain Yaltef.) Who they interrogated. Then they took all the shiny things (gold, spices, silk, fluffy pillow, etc.) off the boat. Captain Blank knocked the Captain out, and Sigrid slit his throat before they tossed him overboard, for the shark.

Then they went on their way. And Soern sank the other ship. With magic.

They returned to Ao-Manasa on the 22nd, and found out that, while they were gone, a plague of rats had bothered the city, and a traveling circus had come and gone. The steward’s son was getting married on the 19th of Fourthmonth, and Gannen’s trial had been set for the 1st.

They went up to the castle (thing) to talk to Ea-Shamar, and found out that the guard had a witness who claimed to have seen Gannen kill Mischa Mevarin—Ratham, the Mevarin butler. They also talked to Gannen, who had asked for them, and gave them (Sigrid, mostly) the location of a key. An important key. Something about the Hora Quan, and all that.

Rellik, Captain Blank, and Soern sailed to “Rellik’s island” so he could report on his successful killing of Mischa. Sigrid teleported to the Knight of the Axe island so she could get urgent consultation with Lord Morrek.

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