Thursday, April 5, 2007

Session 9 Quotes

“Rellik doesn’t need justification.” – Captain Blank

“Why do you have to say everything?” – Sigrid
“Because. I’m the Captain.” – Captain Blank

“You might be keeping this stuff from the poor proletarians of Ao-Manasa.” – Captain Blank
“Yes, that’s exactly I’m doing, Captain Communist.” – Captain Yaltef

“Wait, what about the captain?” – Sigrid
“Oh, well, he’ll be fine.” – Captain Blank
“And by fine you mean dead?” – Sigrid
“Well, that depends on . . . how well he can swim.” – Captain Blank
“While unconscious and tied to a boat that’s sinking?” – Sigrid

“Oh, I know. He’s unconscious. We untie him. We throw him over the boat.” – Blank
“Right.” – Soern
“We have a shark.” – Blank

“Oh, and we’ve got a witness. Mevarin butler, Ratham, says he saw him kill Mischa.” – Ea-Shamar
“And what’d you find near her body?” – Captain Blank
“Wait, Mischa’s dead?” – Sigrid
“She died?” -- Captain Blank

“Well, I . . . I . . . mmm, rum.” – Captain Blank

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