Sunday, November 11, 2007

Session Notes

Created: March 2, 2007

“Didn’t you used to be all happy and whimsical? Hmm, maybe Rellik’s had a bad influence on him. Or maybe it was you.” – Sigrid
“I’m whimsical!” – Captain Blank
“You’re a pirate.” – Sigrid

Secondmonth 15th

Ratham Norder
Thinks Soern is a pirate
First words “you look unwashed”
He thinks everyone is a pirate, especially if they deny it, because “pirates always lie”
Has a rat problem – the rats are dirty, and need cleaning

“You look . . . unwashed.” – Ratham

“Are you a pirate? I don’t like pirates.” – Ratham
“I’m not a pirate.” – Soern
“You must be a pirate. Pirate’s always lie.” – Ratham
“I’m a pirate.” – Captain Blank
“You’re not a pirate. You’re telling the truth. You can’t be a pirate.” – Ratham

Went to talk to Mischa
Dyeza Tazhiren
Read some documents, something about Dyeza Tazhiren and his instatement as champion

go back to the Black Angle

Sigrid and Soern go over to the bar
Blank goes over and talks to Cer-Athane
Got his headband of feathery wisdom
Sigrid gets ale

“Where’d you get that sword?” – Gannen
“We found it.” – Sigrid
“In a gold mine.” – Soern

“We found it, it’s very old, we don’t much about it. Except that it has feelings.” – Sigrid
“It’s the ale.” – Captain Blank

Talked to Gannen about the sword, Hora Quan

“I’m supposed to stand for justice, and truth.” – Sigrid
“Then sit down.” – Captain Blank

Went back to ship, saw James being threatened by thugs on the way
On the docks: ship with black and red, ominous sails
It set sail, they followed it

Sailed threw fog, other ship disappeared
Ghost wolves

Set sail on Secondmonth 16th night

Weather: 5 days
Moderate temperature
Light winds (x1)

60 miles per day
Takes three and a half days
Arrived at Knight of the Axe island on the morning of Secondmonth 19th


“So, Rellik, what do you think about going to the temple?” – Sigrid
“Rrrr, cryptic, rrr, apathy, rrr, kill Mischa.” – Captain Blank

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