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Created: March 9, 2007

Secondmonth 19th
At Knight of the Axe island
Discussed whether to go back to Ao-Manasa or continue on to Hora Quan
Everyone wanted to go to the Hora Quan, except Rellik
Then Sigrid decide she wanted to go back to Ao-Manasa

Discussed sword, price, appraisal

“I’m the quartermaster. I keep stuff places.” – Sigrid
“And I hide things other places.” – Blank

Weather: 3 days (until Secondmonth 22nd)
Moderate temperature
Light winds (x1)

60 miles per day

Secondmonth 20th
40 miles away from Ao-Manasa

Secondmonth 21st
Arrive without incident

Went to the Twisted Fish
New random victim – Faen, male, Yaerl Dawnskimmer (Edited post-session: I never actually told the players this)

Went to Mevarin residence (to kill Mischa)

“We all got multiples of five.” – Andy
“But only one of them was a prime number.” – AJ

“My name is Sigrid Halstead. You killed your father. Prepare to die.” – Sigrid

Killed Mischa

Searched the house
Magic booze!
Sigrid made Soern put it back
Left one of the vials of poison on Mischa’s body, along with one of the flowers

“Rellik! I will not tolerate insubordination.” – Captain Blank
“(I said a fancy word.)” – Captain Blank

Went out the back

Went to the Black Angle

“Why would they try to kill us? We are as innocent as little baby birdlings.” Captain Blank
“Little baby birdlings who just murdered someone.” – Sigrid
“Baby birdlings can be very vicious.” – Captain Blank

Sigrid flirting with Gannen
Gannen arrested

“It’s like everything I know about justice has been turned on it’s head. The guards just came in and arrested a man who, while certainly not innocent, was not guilty of this crime.” – Sigrid

Soern went back to the ship
Rellik “urged the bartender to call the guards” and then went back to the ship

“But it’s a ritual. You can’t bother me.” – Sigrid
“Right. I’ll be on god dirty.” – Soern

Everyone goes back to Ocean’s Blade
Sigrid got all her ritual supplies

“I’ll always be there to get hammered with you.” – Captain Blank
“Yeah, that makes me feel much – wait, yeah, it does.” – Sigrid

Secondmonth 21st
Weather: 1 day (until Secondmonth 22nd)
Moderate temperature
Light winds (x1)

Weather: 2 days (22nd – 23rd)
Moderate temperature, storm, rain
Windstorm (gale) (x3)

Weather: 2 days (24th – 25th)
Cold, clear
Light winds (x1)

Weather: 3 days (26th – 29th)
Moderate, fair, fog
Light winds (x1)

Secondmonth 21st (60 miles)
Secondmonth 22nd, storm/rain, driven 120 miles straight west
Secondmonth 23rd, storm/rain, driven 120 miles straight west, past the tomb
Secondmonth 24th, clear, 60 miles to tomb, arrive at the tomb
Secondmonth 25th, clear, set new course, 200 miles off
Secondmonth 26th,

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