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Created: February 24, 2007

Giant 2 / Warmain 3
Interim captain of the guard (was second in command; won’t be official until there’s a funeral and a changing of command ceremony)
Believes in justice, wants to clean up the guard, take on the Nightwalkers
Needs to finish the Shu-Rin ceremonies—taking over the guard is going to delay that
Red hair, wears mostly red and white, even while off duty (Red and white/argent are the colors of Ao-Manasa and its guard)
High energy, dynamic, wants to know what the situation is
Mid-30s, 6’6”, 200 lbs (short . . . for a giant)

Huge Dragon (Water)
On her island
Adult, about 150 years old
Blue and bronze, some green shimmering
Trades magical knowledge and Tenebrian evolution for “favors”
Broke off from the main delegation of the Squamous Horde; relations with them aren’t terribly friendly
Wanted Sa-Follen dead—sent Sorern to do it
Possibility: dealt with Sa-Follen as a favor to the Horde, to prevent open conflict
Possibility: dealt with Sa-Follen to see if she could blame the Horde

Taevin Brightfind
Quickling Faen (Expert, maybe)
Captain Blank’s contact
Merchant, specializes in buying and selling exotic treasure, the kinds of things only adventurers can get
Able to work with rich collector types, willing to work with scruffy adventurer types
Somewhat like Badger, from Firefly, dismissive of the PCs
Late 80s (young adult, nearly middle age), 3’5”, 45 lbs

Human Champion of Death
Champions death in a personal way—uninterested in starting wars, because it’s the killing blow that matters to him (but don’t tell the characters this straight out)
Dark hair, dark eyes
Black and gold, the smell of metal

Lord Morek
Human (Warmain or Champion of Freedom)
Knight of the Axe (on their island)
The guy Sigrid talks to for KotA stuff

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