Monday, November 12, 2007

Aur Xica History

Created: March 4, 2007

This blade was once called Aur Xica, sword of champions. Little now is known of it, its tale lost along with the empire it defended, Hora Quan.

It was forged at the beginning of the empire, and for centuries was wielded by each of the Emperor’s champions in turn, and helped to maintain its long peace, until that peace was ended by the dramojh war.

Tai Faren, the high priest, hid the sword from the dramojh—though no one has recorded where. He bound its power, and hid the secret to its unbinding at the heart of the empire, the Temple of the Hora Quan.

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Artemis said...

The Aur Xica... ah, I remember that cursed blade well. Sigrid was quite fond of it for awhile. Though she had no hard feelings when it was destroyed, on account of it being necromantic and possibly evil.