Saturday, November 17, 2007

My(tm) Official Is This Fair? Soundtrack

Since Artemis made hers, I figured I'd do my own. All the songs are songs that can be bought someplace, dunno about Ruckus or whatever, except for A pirate I was Meant to Be, which can be found on the Curse of Monkey Island official webpage.

1. Devil’s Ambition, From FF9 – Opening Credits, Sneaking into Sa-Follens House.
2. Indiana Jones Theme, From Indiana Jones – Investigating the Islands Tomb.
3. Two Hornpipes, From Pirates of the Caribbean – Black Angle's Theme
4. My Kind of Guy, By The Kaiser Cheifs – Blank and Rellik’s Theme (Poisonous Polish Scene)
5. Woke Up This Morning, By Nickelback – Mischa Theme (Mischa's Fight scene)
6. Falling For the First Time, By Barenaked Ladies – Sigrid's Theme (Touch of Justice and Witch Sight shenanigans in the black angle)
7. Theme from Jurassic Park, From Jurassic Park – Investigating Hora Quan temple
8. A Pirate I was Meant to be, From Curse of Monkey Island – Cap’n Blanks Shanty (Captain Communists High Seas Piracy)
9. Bells of Freedom, By Bon Jovi – Gannen's Theme (rescuing Gannen from prison)
10. This Fire, By Franz Ferdinand – Chapter House on Fire
11. The Black Pearl, From Pirates of the Caribbean – Boarding Parrel's ship, stealing it
12. Extreme Ways, By Moby – Soerns theme (Sorcerous Blast to the Fearful Lightning)
13. Barbossa Is Hungry, From Pirates of the Caribbean – Investigating The Pirate Cove
14. Great Destroyer, By Nine Inch Nails – Illiams Theme (Fighting him)
15. If You’re Gone, By Matchbox Twenty – Sigrid love theme #1 (Gannen Abducted)
16. Smooth Criminal, By Alien Ant Farm – Relliks Theme (killing other twin merchant)
17. Collector, By Nine Inch Nails – Taevins Theme (him talking about his employer)
18. Hunter’s Chance, From FF9 – Fighting on Jeweled Trees island, snakes, birds, golems
19. Through Glass, By Stone Sour – Sigrid Love theme #2 (Gannen Still Abducted)
20. White Wedding, By Billy Idol - Wedding? I love weddings!
21. Ghost Love score, by Nightwish – Weddings Fight Scene and ensuing madness
22. Green World, By Gorillaz – Paerks Theme (stuck somewhere in the calm)
23. All My Life, By Foo Fighters – Blanks Theme (being a traitorous bastard)
24. Vamo Alla Flamenco, From FF9 – Hallas duel
25. Welcome To The Jungle, By Guns N Roses – Gorzams Theme (hanging out in Gorzam)
26. Cold, By Matchbox Twenty – Monalas Theme (Ice Mephits)
27. One Last Shot, From Pirates of the Caribbean – Volcano rescue
28. Kraken, From Pirates of the Caribbean - Kraken Fight (going to Xanadu)
29. The Beginning of the End, By Nine Inch Nails – Descending underneath Xanadu
30. A Last Illusion, By Trans-Siberian Orchestra – Epic fight
31. Paradise City, By Guns N Roses – Xanadu's Theme (end credits)

Estimated Elapsed Time: 2 Hours, Twelve minutes

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Artemis said...

Wow. You put actual work into this? That's actually pretty cool. I just sorta picked out songs that randomly reminded me of the campaign and put them in a vaguely-logical list.