Saturday, August 18, 2007

Session 21 Quotes

“Sweet! I can get rocks to lie to me!” – Paerk

“I command you to embrace the darkness.” – Blank (as a sergeant, like in Cranium Command)

“I command you to beat the living daylights, and the dead daylights, and the living nightlights, and the dead nightlights.” – Blank

“Hey, and they’re two faen, so together they’re kind of like a person.” – Sigrid

“No! That was, um, what was it? Capitalist fascism?” – Blank

“They won’t respawn, Blank.” – Sigrid
“They already respawned. They only respawn once. That’s the point.” – Paerk

“Zombies don’t swim.” – Sigrid

“Zombies can’t jump very well.” – Blank

“We should do a ceremony to the god of kicking Monala’s ass.” – Paerk
“Jubilexis?” – Soern

“Of course we have cheese. We’re a goddamn pirate ship.” – Blank

“Now children, wait an hour before you go thwimming.” – Blank

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