Friday, August 3, 2007

Session 20 Quotes

“Why is there no such thing as magic pants in D&D?” – GM
“I think this question answers itself.” – Blank

“I bet if I tried really hard I could knock him over. If he were paralyzed.” – Paerk

“The ends justify the means. It’s for the greater good. Of Gannen.” – Sigrid

“It was very hard.” – Blank
“I don’t believe you.” – Ea-Shamar
“Are you kidding? We had to fight a volcano!” – Blank

“For the record, I was responsible for the excellent floral arrangements.” – Paerk

“See, when I’m not bluffing, he thinks I’m drunk.” – Blank

“Come on, let’s board up and sail out.” – Sigrid

“We could kill him. Just to be sure.” – Blank

“Dude. Random homeless people are always spying on people.” – Blank

“Any plan that can be summed up with the word ‘zombies . . .’” – Paerk

“Like dispel dragon?” – Blank

“So the pope does not have power over time.” – Blank

“We’re off to see the . . . something . . .” – Sigrid? Maybe?
“The magister! The wonderful magister of Xanadu? No, I don’t think so. . . . Unless we have some kind of . . . technicolor horse.” – Blank

“You know the Faen air brigade killed a bunch of plants? That means Monala killed a bunch of plants.” – Sigrid

“Do I recognize these particularrr tentaclarrrs?” – Blank

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Qwertyuiopasd said...

TENTACLARS! that's possibly the best thing I've ever said.