Friday, August 3, 2007

Session 20: Serious Wisdom Damage

Fourthmonth 28th -- Fifthmonth 4th (probably)

The weather started to go bad, and they figured out that Gannen was suffering from serious wisdom damage. The adventurers discussed various methods for repairing him. Paerk was in favor of killing and then resurrecting him. Unfortunately, they didn’t know his true name, so that plan and the slightly more obvious tactic of restoration were off the table.

So (I believe) they teleported back to the ships. Soern then modified Iu-Molan’s memory, so she thought that Gannen had been kidnapped by Monala. (Again.) Then they returned to Ao-Manasa.

Once there, Sigrid, Paerk and Blank took Iu-Molan back to Ea-Shamar—who’s day had not been going so well, as there had been some kind of explosion and a number of people had escaped from prison, Illiam among them. (Blank, predictable, was not happy about this.) They tried to negotiate on the matter of money, and Sigrid demanded the audience with Gri-Taresh that had been discussed a few weeks previous.

The meeting did not go terribly well. Sigrid tried to get Gri-Taresh to let Gannen off, and in the process of doing so revealed that it had been they who were responsible for Mischa Mevarin’s death. He responded by saying that he would have to “temporarily” detain them.

At this point, Ea-Shamar stepped in, distracted Gri-Taresh a bit, and asked them what, exactly, they thought they were doing. She told them that she had been trying to keep Gri-Taresh’s attention elsewhere, that she didn’t want to see them get stuck in jail because they were much more useful to everyone involved outside of it, and hadn’t they noticed that there hadn’t been much of a search effort going on for Gannen? She couldn’t let him off, officially, but she could avoid taking him in, as long as they didn’t do something stupid, like this.

Meanwhile, Rellik and Soern had left, along with Jocelyn and Gannen and the crew, because they didn’t want to be around when Gri-Taresh decided to arrest everyone. Paerk used telepathy, convinced them that wasn’t going to happen.

The next day, through the use of Paerk’s healing skills, Gannen recovered a bit. He gave them his true name, and then realized that he really shouldn’t have done that, once Paerk (I think, may have been Soern—at any rate, both of them had his truename) had used restoration, and his wisdom was back to its usual levels. He told them most of what he remembered: Monala’s plan involved zombies, Mixastomere (Soern’s dragon patron) was in on it, and they had to go to Xanadu.

By this point, the weather had gotten really awful. Probably some kind of magical storm. They went back to the university, and talked to Uthar, who told them that Xanadu was the capital of the Hora Quan empire.

Captain Blank did a bit of looking around, gathering information on the people who had escaped from prison, Sigrid got some new armor, and they all headed back to the boats to sail to Xanadu. The weather was very bad, but they made through on the sheer might and awesome of Blank and Soern’s sailing abilities. Close to the end of the journey, with the city itself in sight, Gannen said something about the Aur Xica not being “good,” according to Monala, which triggered a short conversation about it. The sword itself mentioned that Monala was probably just trying to make them distrust it, since it was their only other source of information about the ancient history part of the situation.

And then they were attacked by a kraken.

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