Sunday, September 23, 2007

Session 22 Quotes

“Oh, god, please don’t kill my cohort.” – Sigrid

“Ah ha ha, I have more hps than Blank, a blurdy blurdy blur.” – Blank

“Mojh are like race traitors. Dracha were born that way.” – Sigrid

“I was going to betray the party, but then I fell in love with Mark and couldn’t do it.” – Jocelyn

“Soern fights Gannen, and nearly dies. No wait, he does die! Hahahaha! Stupid biter!” – Blank

“Gannen, really confused. Monala, giant flaming hydra. Jocelyn, urgh. . . . K’max’s! You are definitely an enemy!” – Sigrid

“All these flame-based monsters are really cramping my style.” – Paerk

“I’m not lying! I’M A PIRATE!” – Blank

“It was put there by wizards. Wizards cast spells. (Therefore, it’s a spell.)” – Paerk (more or less)

“Gannen, do it or I’ll give you the cold shoulder. And I give a mean cold shoulder.” – Blank

“Let’s do this! Hoo-RA! (beat) It’s pirate jargon.” – Blank

“Gannen! Think about sunshine!” – Paerk

“I need to get this power. Then I can be gardener of the world.” – Paerk

“Basically nobody likes zombies.” – Paerk
“Except champions of zombies.” – Blank

“I don’t think it’s treason.” – Paerk
“Not treason? Trying to take over the world.” – Sigrid
“Yeah, but it was in international waters.” – Paerk

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