Friday, September 28, 2007


Does anyone still want me to post the notes for this campaign? I'm perfectly happy to do so, but I don't want it to be just a self-congratulatory exercise that no one else is interested in.

I don't have much in the way of "adventure notes," exactly, but I have all my notes taken during the sessions, NPC information, and various plans and brainstorming that didn't necessarily pan out.

So . . . just comment here if you want to read that stuff, or if there's anything particular that you want to see/not see.


Diana said...

That'd be interesting. I'm curious to see some of the "ideas that didn't make it" and stuff.

Always fun.

I miss this campaign. Damnit.

Qwertyuiopasd said...

I'd like to see everything, including the hypothetical future beings of the cast and crew.

not anything bolted down NECCESARILY. like "these are going to happen in the future; but only because of quantum theory."

Diana said...

Yeah. Teh future is awesome. Once I finish all of Sigrid's blogs, I will most definitely be posting my very vague epilogue.

Oddysey said...

Cool. I'll start doing that, then.

I do have some thoughts in the area of The Future. Nothing written down, but I'll get to that when I come to it. Maybe I should start planning for a summer campaign . . . hrmm . . .