Monday, July 9, 2007

Session 18 Quotes

“You can think of me as the long arm of Ea-Shamar. Even though my arm isn’t very long.” – Paerk

“Quick! Everyone on the ship! Jump him!” – Blank

“That’s okay, we don’t have to attack him anymore. Freaky, freaky Sigrid.” – Blank

“I have the other member of the crew.” -- Blank
“Oh?” – Ea-Shamar
“Yeah. Backstab McBackstab of the clan McBackstab.” – Blank

“I believe you owe me a good chunk of money. You know, there’s a little known fact about healing spells that they sometimes misfire.” – Paerk

“My genius plan is we bake a cake, and then we put all their stuff inside the cake.” – Blank

“I know everything’s so chaotic now, that sometimes people slip through the cracks. I know two people who need to.” – Sigrid

“Hot-air ships are full of win. That’s how they fly.” – Paerk

“I choose the banjo!” – Blank
“I accept.” – Hellas
“You do?” – Blank

“You’re not a guard! You’re a gardener.” – Sigrid
“He is a guard! And I’m a pirate! And together we’re like Chuck Norris and that one guy from Mars.” – Blank

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