Monday, July 9, 2007

Session 18: Betrayal

Fourthmonth 19th – Fourthmonth 20th

Soern and Rellik had escaped to the ship, but Soern returned to the place where the wedding had been because he figured that the situation had probably been resolved. When he got there, Sigrid, under instructions from Monala to assist Blank with his plan, grappled him. She and Blank gave Soern a rough explanation of Blank’s agreement with Ea-Shamar, and Soern agreed to mostly go along with it if they would break him out of prison and share the money with him. (Sigrid refused to take any of the “blood money.”)

They went back to the ships, and Blank picked up a couple more followers in a bar somewhere on the way. On the ship, nearly got into a fight with Rellik, but Blank convinced him to come along quietly if he would break him out, share the money with him, and not tell Ea-Shamar his actual name. (Rellik didn’t think his organization would appreciate hearing of any involvement with the law.)

As it turned out, though, Captain Blank had no plans to share the money with the rest of the crew. He went to the Black Angle, bought some things from Cer-Athene. His plan to rescue Soern and Rellik involved cake. (Which he directed his minions to bake.)

Sigrid, meanwhile, recovered from the dominate spell, and decided to get Soern and Rellik out of jail the same way she had gotten Gannen out of jail: bribery. She had one of Blank’s minions put together a basic disguise, then went down to the Wicker Goat to talk to Oa-Tenasil, the other guard whose name Morek had suggested when she went to talk to him about rescuing Gannen. Oa-Tenasil agreed that it was very possible that these two individuals might get released, through some kind of clerical error, if Sigrid could provide a certain sum of money. (One thousand? Two thousand?)

Sigrid went back to the Black Angle and told Blank about her plan, and that they would be able to pick up Rellik and Soern tomorrow, at noon. He was very upset that she hadn’t even tried to let his plan work, and tried to sell the cake his minions had baked to Cer-Athene. When he wouldn’t buy it, Blank threw the cake at Sigrid, and stormed out of the bar in a drunken rage.

He went fishing. He caught a boot. And a bootfish.

Meanwhile, Paerk tried to commandeer one of the hot air balloons; Ea-Shamar gave him one, because, being faen sized, they weren’t particularly useful to her.

When Rellik and Soern got out, they were not happy about Blank’s plan. They apprehended him, and many angry words were exchanged. Eventually, they worked it out so that everyone got an even share, except Sigrid, who still didn’t want anything to do with it. (This meant canceling one of the orders Blank had placed with Cer-Athene.)

Rellik got his new mark, from under a rock—K’max’s, a dracha, in the Temple of the Hora Quan.

Then they went to see Uthar, and showed him the seeds. He told them that these were what they probably needed, and picked out one that he thought would work the best. They sold the rest.

Something about talking to Taevin’s contact.

Then they decided they should go talk to Hellas; apparently, he had been something of a terror until very recently, and was an associate of Illiam’s. They went to the bar he was at (The Rusty Bucket? The Rusty Scupper) and Blank challenged him to a duel. With a banjo.

He lost. Turned out, Hellas was very good with the banjo.

It also turned out that he hated Illiam, and probably had been working for him against his will, so they decided to let him alone for a while. Even though Blank wanted to turn him in for money, and Paerk wanted to arrest him.

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