Saturday, June 30, 2007

Session 17 Quotes

“That was back when Rellik and me were all like, ‘Heh heh heh. Sigrid’s not looking. Quick, let’s go poison someone.’” – Blank

“Gerard Butler get out of my head!” – Blank*

“Plant spy: if Richard Nixon were a gardener.” – Paerk*

“It’s like Disneyworld. If you can get in, you can watch the parade.” – Blank

“I can get one of those frilly shirts!” – Blank

“Just make up a good in-character reason. Just, like, don’t tell him.” – Paerk*

“So I can knock her out by punching her in the back of the face with Mark.” – Blank

“Not people. Giants.” – Blank
“Yes people! There’s humans and faen too!” – Sigrid

“If Dar-Shada is killed, I don’t have to attack him anymore.” – Sigrid

*This never happened

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