Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Session 16 Quotes

“Slightly more dead than most people.” – Blank

“Hey look, it’s pie!” – Blank

“Let’s leave Rellik here then. He could take care of the children.” – Sigrid

“We meet again, crabs!” – Blank

“Shoot, shoot, shoot the giant menacing snake. Try, try, try, to not get your face eaten.” – Blank

“Twenty crab flambé! New, at Long John Silver’s!” – Blank

“My one weakness! Snakes. I hate snakes.” – Mark

“Man, I gotta lay off the shark man, man.” – Giant Snake (Blank)

“Okay, I killed a snake.” – Blank
“She killed a snake better.” – Soern

“I bet one of the snakes was really Gannen.” – Blank
“Nooooo!” – Sigrid

“Now thtep carefully children.” – Blank

“Detect Gannen!” – Sigrid

“I am tired of these motherfucking snakes, on this motherfucking island.” – Blank

“I’m on to you, motherfucking snake.” – Blank

“He doesn’t seem to be moving that much.” – Soern (probably)
“Oh, that’s a good sign.” – Blank

“She’s good. She is controlling him magically, but the kiss makes it look like they be in more than ‘cahoots.’” – Blank

“Why are you so racist?” – Sigrid


Qwertyuiopasd said...

I don't even remember the context for some of these, but they're still funny.

I love how it's, as per usual:

blank, blank, blank, mark(same player), blank, blank, soern-blank, blank, blank-sigrid, blank, blank, sigrid.


Rae said...

Who needs context when you have GIANT SNAKES?!?!