Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Session Notes

Created: February 3, 2007

Temperature Moderate
Wind Fair
Precipitation Clear

Strong Winds x3
Prevailing Winds – Westerly

Lasts for 4 days

Morek – guy Sigrid talked to in the Order of the Axe

Ocean’s Blade


“I call upon the power of Justice!” – Sigrid
“Yar har, Cap’n Blank, arr.” – Captain Blank

Temple slightly damaged – Sorern’s spell ripped some stone out of it to work a spell
Captain Blank nearly killed by a crab; they swarmed him.
Sigrid dragged him away from the crab.

“So you are a real pirate. Your ship is so small and rickety, I thought you were a fake pirate.” – Sigrid


Diana said...

It occurs to me that people may not know who I am in relation to the game, so you might consider changing mention of me to "Sigrid".

Oddysey said...

Oops. Fixed. I've been trying to change references to people's names to either their characters name or "character's player," but I don't always catch all of them.